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Alok International School

MIT Group of Institutes
(Affiliation No.1031045 CBSE)
(Manage by Prasar Shiksham Evam Sewa Sansthan)


The Alok International School, Ujjain, is not just another school. It is a school with a difference. The difference is in its vision and action. The aim is to make the children independent, curious and innovative and enrich them with social skills. AIS management is committed to create a healthy learning environment where the students overall development can be ensured. The parameters are linguistic, logical, mathematical, and personal skills along with regular academic development.

Nutritious Nurturing Meals

One of the biggest difficulties faced by the parents in this era is of ensuring proper nutrition for children at home as well as at school. In order to relieve the parents from his stress, the AIS dinning room will nutritional, nourishing, healthy, and balanced meals to the students. The school's Dietitian will design the menu, keeping in mind the needs and desires of the children.

Safe and Secure Environment

AIS provide a safe and secure environment for its students with state of art security and monitoring system. Special procedures and systems are in place to perform a through background check of every staff member before their appointment.
In order to ensure safety of your child the student is handed only to the ‘Authorized person’ or to the parents themselves. AIS staff will monitor all the arrivals and departures, thereby maintaining the highest level of security at all the times. The students will be provided by personal tracking devices so as their presence could be tracked by parents as well as by school.

Teacher-student ratio (1:20)

As the average class size at Alok International School stands at around 30-40 students, individual attention and proper care towards a student's all-round development is ensured.

Teachers as mentors

Since the school believes in value-based education, teachers here are assessed not only according to their academic qualifications but also their general outlook towards life and the values they believe in. As a result of uncompromising standards in staff selection, each child, and equally important, each parent, will know that here is a teacher who is not only a guide, mentor and friend, but an ideal person to turn to for advice and support.

Interactive and Technologically Driven Learning

Information and technology is an integral part of curriculum right from the grade 1 and is introduced as a tool to enrich students knowledge base. AIS provide an interactive and digital background for the students wherein every classroom have interactive board and multimedia projectors, the library is digital and along with that each and every room is furnished with audio visual aids.

Stress-free learning environment

The entire teaching process is uniquely structured so as make learning a joy while examinations too are designed towards making them stress free. Instead on 'one big year end ' examination, the school has the concept of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation, wherein the child is assessed throughout the year.

Tracking GPS System for All the School Buses

Every student is precious for us and his/her safety is prime responsibility. The GPS school bus tracking system will monitor the vehicle and driver’s actions so as the parents are assured of safety. The tracker will provide up-to-the-minute information on the bus’s location to the parents ensuring safety of each of our student. A GPS tracking system provides parents information in real-time of their child’s whereabouts. A modern system will give updates if there is any delay in the route.

Community service

The strong values instilled in children at School include the concept of 'giving back to society'. In keeping with this particular thought, children are encouraged to participate in various community development and service programmes, it ensures upbringing of a globally responsible citizen.

Educational Tour

AIS plans to take the students to educational tours which would be organized each year during the Summer break and will be optional. We are quite confident that these tours will give an exceptional exposure. Foreign tours and exchanges with schools abroad is also a proposed initiative.

Hostel Boarding Facility

The boarding facility at Alok International School is based on the ideology of building “A home away from home”‚ where all the students will be endowed with care, support, dedication and motivation. The school’s beautiful campus with a vast range of flora, fauna and bird life provide all students with ample green space and fresh air where they are able to live and learn. It is an environment rarely offered by schools in big and small cities in India.
The trained team of AIS will ensure an environment for the holistic development of personality‚ and balanced growth of the child. Besides this the hostellers are served well balanced, hygienically cooked Vegetarian meals prepared by quality Chefs. Also‚ there is a 24 hours specific medical wing to take care of their general health needs. The Residential Students have a well- placed schedule which has allocated time for self-study, tuitions, remedial classes, games, recreational activities and rest.
Separate residential facilities are available for the boys keeping in mind the rich Indian culture and traditional values. Facilities like TV rooms, reading lounge, recreation rooms with table tennis and pool tables and separate space for study is provided. The wardens have rooms attached with the dormitories so as to ensure individual attention to each child and build surroundings of confidence and trust.